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*My advice this week:  One of the most common complaints I get from parishioners about their pastors is concerning work ethic.  Many parishioners don’t know what their pastor is doing. They only assume we are working when they see us.  “Out of sight, out of mind.”  I want to suggest that you keep your parishioners informed on what your are doing.  Here are three ways:

Update your Facebook posts regularly with pictures that reflects your ministry such as visits, counseling, board meetings, etc., While you don’t want to be an obnoxious self promoter, this methods will provide a helpful glimpse into your busy and varied schedule.
Neil Peralta posts his calendar on the church bulletin board each month.  He is intentional about letting his members know what days/weekends he will be at their church.  This provides for open communication, and avoids jealously between churches. 

Don’t be embarrassed to post your day off.  Try to be in the habit of taking a day off each week.  I would call this day your ‘personal day.’

For example, let your members know every Monday is your personal day where you catch up bills, schedule medical visits, etc.  As your members begin to get accustomed to this, they will respect your time off.

Dr. Kumar Dixit, Ministerial Director