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The pastors from the metro Vancouver churches have been meeting for the last six month working a yearlong evangelism initiative.  

"How can all of our churches put aside our differences, and work together to reach people for Jesus."  That was one of the major issues addressed during a 48 hour retreat at Camp Hope in January.  

Vancouver is a highly secularized society, that is post Christian.  This means people don't even have the basic understanding of who Jesus Christ is.  "We can't tell people about the Sabbath, when they don't even know about the love of God," explained one pastor. 

On April 8, the metro pastors met again at the Oakridge Adventist Church to plan for a large introductory meeting that is occurring on April 19.  The church-wide meeting has been scheduled on the same day of the Sun Run, where over 20,000 people participate.  The leaders from all of the area churches will discuss the year  long initiate to collaborate in evangelistic programs.  

The goal is to have 500 baptisms in 2016, with 5,000 seeds sown. In order to reach this mark, it is going to required buy in from local churches, and the training of lay members to share Jesus with their friends and family.  

Dr. Kumar Dixit, Ministerial Director