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It was my first time to the Okanagan.  It was sunny and warm, nothing like the weather in Vancouver.  

Pastor John Masigan greeted me at the front door of the Kamloops Adventist Church.  It has been a busy year for the pastor.  He recently got married, and entered his first pastoral district.  Despite being new, he carries a strong sense of determination and self-assurance.  

As we sat in his office, Pastor John shared his vision with me; how he wants to make a meaningful impact in the city around him.  "We have a University filled with young people, growing city, and congregation that shares the same purpose to reach our community"  

The city of Kamloops has an estimated population of 80,000, one of the larger Canadian cities.  It is ripe for evangelism. 

Here are a few highlights that I observed:

The congregation has a growing young adult contingent, who are interested in taking the baton of leadership.

The church is more diverse than I expected.  There is a good mix of old and young people attending.  

Pastor John Masigan is charismatic, and has a strong sense of where he wants to see the congregation headed.

The church has committed to upgrading their audio visual.  They recently invested in the sound booth, and installed a wireless projector.  They are also investigating their options to begin live streaming the worship service.

They started a new innovative outreach program, bridging religion and the arts together.  

I am looking forward to seeing how things continue to change and grow over the next year.

Dr. Kumar Dixit, Ministerial Director