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A Note from the President

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Paul states "I have become its (the church's) servant by the commission God gave me..." Paul viewed himself not as a professional or an executive, but a servant. In the upper room Jesus gave us an example of what this means when the disciples gathered with Him for the Passover meal. The question was who should take the position of a servant and wash the feet of the disciples.

Jesus demonstrated the nature of servant leadership. He takes off his garment and humbles himself like a servant and washes the feet of the disciples. The disciples were aghast. This was not the way a leader was to behave. Jesus told them that He was giving them a model of the kind of leadership He desired: servant leadership.

When people in the world talk about leadership you hear words like: power -- influence – leverage -- They are called people who "make things happen" or "don't put up with any nonsense." Jesus talks of leaders with words like – compassion, humility, gentleness, generosity, patience, service

Paul understands that he is a servant by the commission of God. He understood that He "worked for God". God did not serve Paul . . . Paul served God. Paul also sees himself as a servant of the church. He is a servant of God's Kingdom. He is not a professional . . . but a servant. His job is not to build a kingdom to himself but to build God's kingdom.

And the apostle Paul also understood that he is to be a servant of the Word. His job was to proclaim God's truth. It is very easy to forget this. There is a tendency to make the Word of God a servant of the teacher rather than the teacher, a servant of the Word of God. God's Word must dictate what we teach; not public opinion, contemporary events, personal preference. Scripture is not for us to use to prove our ideas. We are here to proclaim God's ideas!

Effective Christian leaders understand they are not the served, but the servants. During the American Revolution, a man in civilian clothes rode past a group of soldiers repairing a small defensive barrier. Their leader was shouting instructions at them but making no attempt to help them. Asked “why” by the rider, the leader said with great dignity, "Sir, I'm a corporal!" 

The stranger apologized, dismounted, and proceeded to help the exhausted soldiers. The job done, he turned to the corporal and said, "If you need some more help, son, call me." With that, the Commander-In-Chief, George Washington, remounted his horse and rode on. 

One man had a title....the other was a leader. May God help me to be the leader He has called me to be!

Wayne Culmore, President