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On March 21, 2015, there was a courtroom scene at the youth and young adults Sabbath School of Rutland Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Two groups of 10 youth and young adults worked in teams to defend their faith and answer questions relating to Adventists beliefs about the Sabbath and the State of the Dead.

Pastor Rob Folkenberg reports that the purpose of the event was two-fold. First: Sabbath School Court was created for the youth and young adults to interact. Rutland Young Adult Ministry chose the youth as a ministry focus group this quarter and Sabbath School Court was the perfect environment for both groups to interact.

Second: Sabbath School Court provided the youth and young adults the environment to study their Bibles and come up with answers to common questions about their beliefs.

The previous Sabbath (March 14), Sabbath School time was dedicated to studying their topics. One task was to prepare a two-minute or less statement of belief, which they would share when the Sabbath School Court began, before questions were asked.

Throughout the week preparation took place. On Monday night, instead of a regular Bible Study, the youth spent more time preparing, going through a "cheat sheet" Pastor Rob had given them with verses for and "against" their beliefs, and potential questions he and another youth leader, Todd Kellerman, may ask on Sabbath. 

Both groups performed very well. They were stretched and challenged and had to work together. They learned and grew. And they are now more equipped for when they may encounter questions. The event was greatly enjoyed by participants and onlookers alike, and there are plans of this event being repeated, but with different topics, multiple times each year.

By Rob Folkenberg, Assistant Pastor, Rutland Seventh-day Adventist Church