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Last week I had a chance to connect with Pastor Johnny Yip. He has been ministering to the Vancouver Chinese Church for 17 years. Talk about a long tenure!

Did you know Pastor Yip was among the first Christians to smuggle bibles into communist China. His took many risks for the faith and is still as passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus to the exploding Chinese population in Vancouver.

Pastor Yip explained to me the difficulty of reaching the Chinese culture. "They are highly secular. You cannot assume that they hold traditional religious affiliations. Many are atheists."

Yip shared the value of building trust and the importance of friendship evangelism. "They are highly skeptical, therefore traditional approaches such as nightly campaigns aren't as effective."

This past Saturday, March 21, the Vancouver Chinese Church board voted to begin exploring a collaborative yearlong evangelistic effort. The metro Vancouver churches will be meeting on April 19 to discuss the potential of a citywide initiative. Please continue to pray for Pastor Yip and the work among the Chinese people in Vancouver.

Dr. Kumara Dixit, Ministerial Director