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What can you do if you often have no children in church?

In Maple Ridge, they had a crazy idea: start a Pathfinder Club. What blessings God has heaped on them since that inspired decision!   When the suggestion was made to start a Pathfinder club, the call to action infused energy into the congregation. Several volunteered to help when and where they could. Others prayed. The leaders made sure children had a regular part in church services. Even those who rarely attended promoted the club. This was the first blessing.  

Several adults discovered the joys of mentoring children. As they helped with the club, they became more and more skillful at leading youngsters to Christ. The increased skill and energy in the church has led to a dynamic, growing Sabbath School and a vibrant Pathfinder club. This was the second blessing.  

The Pathfinder children began growing in the knowledge of the Lord. Those who went to Oshkosh were tremendously blessed. Two of the members decided to study for baptism. Several others asked their friends to join them in Pathfinders and also in Sabbath School. All of them have taken part in church services. Most importantly, all have felt the joy of belonging to a group dedicated to helping them know God better. This is a third, ongoing blessing.  

To all of these other blessings has been added a final one: several families with young children have joined the church. Other families are now looking to the church to help mentor their children. Some former members are now attending Maple Ridge church more regularly and adding their skill and dedication to the service of our youth. The vibrant energy of childhood now influences the entire congregation.  

Praise God for giving us Pathfinders and pouring out his blessings in such a powerful way.   By: Lester Lorenson, Pathfinder Director, Maple Ridge