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Ministerial Musings 

Last week I visited the Mission Church.  The Mission Church is a historic Adventist congregation in British Columbia. 

Pastor Tim Nagy preached a grace filled message based on John 8.  Tim has a real gift for ministering to both young and old.  I witnessed several long time members grab his arm to share how distraught they are to lose him.  At the same time, numerous young children stopped by his table at lunch to say hello and give him a hug. Tim will be leaving shortly, and starting in a new district (Chilliwak and Hope).  

Here are a few first impressions I noticed about the Mission Adventist Church. 

**The church building has been kept up to date.  The congregation has taken great pride in the physical space, creating a welcoming environment for both visitors and members alike.  

**There was a good mix of young families with children.  The children in the church seemed to be a priority in the congregation's mission.  I popped into a meeting where young people were busy planning a youth heritage Sabbath.  

**It was great to see intergenerational worship.  The entire service provided opportunities for both young and old to participate.  It was nice to see how they included this generational diversity in the special music.

**The bulletin layout was well-organized and self-explanatory.  There were not "code words" that would be difficult for a seeker to understand.  

**The vegetarian lunch was delicious.  The congregation all pitched in.  There was plenty of food - nobody was worried that they were going to run out.  

Dr. Kumar Dixit is the Ministerial/Young Adult Director of the BC Conference.  He also pastors the Oakridge Adventist Church in Vancouver.