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From January 31 to February 1, five Pathfinder Clubs worked on their Winter Campout Honour at Golden Ears Provincial Park. The five Pathfinder Clubs were: Burnaby-Creekside Falcons,  Maple Ridge Golden Ears, Vancouver Rangers, Westminster Thunderbirds and Mission Pioneers.

The theme for the Winter Campout was “Teamwork” and camp chaplain, Pastor Charles Ed II Aguilar (Communication Director for the British Columbia Conference) built on the theme by sharing relevant stories.

Pastor Charles opened camp with Proverbs 11:14 and a story of when he was a teenager and was part of a basketball team competing for a championship trophy in one of the Junior Basketball  Tournaments back in the Philippines.

With the game tied and the championship trophy on the line, as one of the star players of the team, the coach knew that Pastor Charles would be double-teamed for the last play. The coach instructed him to pass the ball to an open team-mate to take the last shot when the double-team comes. With seconds left in the game clock and the game tied, Pastor Charles defied the coach’s instruction, played through two defenders and took the last shot ---  only to have his shot attempt blocked by one of the defenders. Teamwork = TRUST.

The first night, the Pathfinders studied stars and using the stars/sky as a compass. The next morning, the leaders of the Westminster Thunderbirds taught the basics of water purification using  natural objects we could find in the forest environment --- rinsed ashes/charcoal, sand and  small rocks/pebbles.

For Sabbath School, Pastor Charles shared a story (Mark 2:1-12) about the four men who  carried a paralyzed man up a house, cut through the roof so Jesus heal him. To experience the story, the Pathfinders had to be in groups of five (with one playing the role of the disabled person), get a sleeping bag (for the disabled person to be carried in), walk 500 steps away from camp and safely carry “disabled” person back to camp. Teamwork = TRUST.   

After sunset, the some of the Pathfinders played a game called Man-Hunt --- Boys vs Girls, while the rest sang praise and worship songs around the camp-fire, made some camp-bread and roasted some marshmallows.

Camp takedown on Sunday was really rough as it rained and was really hard to pack the wet tents. However, the rain didn’t dampen my first ever Winter Campout experience. The entire Winter Campout taught me a valuable lesson on Teamwork = TRUST and of God’s love for us.

By Renz Tingson, Vancouver Rangers Pathfinder Club

2015 Multi-Club Winter Camping