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God’s plan is to glorify Himself in us. Ephesians 3:21. “to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.”

God wants to work through His Church (v. 21) To Him be glory in the church means that we, as the church, the called out ones of God, are to present God in all His brilliant splendor, that He may be seen in all His majesty.

God wants to be glorified in His Church. (v.21) This must be a part of our mission. This should be our desire. This is what we live for and has become our essence. Our lives are to be His glory! Our love for each other is to be His glory.

God wants to be glorified through Christ in me throughout all ages (v. 21) My heart becomes His home. His address is now my life. He lives with me and in me. His desire is to take up permanent residence in each of our lives.

Our God is able – God Can! God is! God is able to do! That should be enough to have our hearts beat with confidence, hope, love, and faith.

When this happens our hearts will beat a few beats faster. Why? Because our God is able to do more than what we ask or imagine! Our hearts should be pounding in praise and thanksgiving. Why? Because our God is able to do abundantly more. He is an “Above and Beyond” God!

Our God not only forgives a sin – He forgives all our sins!
God not only loves you when you’re good – God loves you when you are bad.
God not only gives you the hope of heaven today – He has prepared heaven for you for all eternity.
Not only does God give us our daily bread – He gives the bread of life!
God is able to do abundantly more

As we go through 2015 and work together to REACH BC & the Yukon with a Christ centered message of Hope and Wholeness remember that:

There are no limits to His LOVE

There are no boundaries to His BLESSINGS

There are no fences to access His FAITHFULNESS

And, there is an abundance of His GRACE

If God is able to do all that what can He do with your Hands? With your Talents? With your Gifts? What can He do with your family? With your Friends? With you at school? With you at work? With you in the church?

With your Potential? With your ove? With your weakness? With your challenging circumstances? With your disappointments?

May 2015 be a year when we “REACH UP” together to the “One” who is able to provide far more beyond all we ask or think – and, to do it abundantly.

Wayne Culmore, President