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We just celebrated one of our youth, Jordan Poch, being baptized on January 10, 2015 by Pastor Josue Molina. 

About 4 years ago Pastor Terry McComb and Pastor Jim Weir did an alter call for juniors to be baptized at Camp Hope. Jordan accepted the call but unfortunately the note cards were lost. 

The next year they asked the Juniors again and Jordan raised his hand.  After much prayer Pastor McComb located ALL the lost cards to God’s glory and invited Jordan and his parents to study the Junior Baptism program “It’s My Choice” by Steve Case. 

Half way through Jordan and his parents moved and the book was inadvertently packed. Finally Jordan was asked in December if he’d like to be baptized and at first he was a bit overwhelmed. 

He wasn’t sure at first he really was ready. But Jordan prayed and said “I know that I am ready.” He learnt it was about choosing God and that when he made mistakes God would be ready to forgive. 

By Angela Poch