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The Burnaby Filipino-Canadian Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Burnaby, BC united their efforts to reach out the Filipino community in Metro Vancouver by conducting a series of evangelism seminar for 15 nights from October 01 to October 25, 2014 at Collingwood Neighbourhood House in Vancouver, BC.  Ground preparation was made through community invitation survey, park outing, Bible Studies, newspaper and other media advertisements.

Pastor Luis Bon Jr., a remarkable evangelist from Philippines was a guest speaker. Using his unique method of providing health lecture correlating with the Holy Scripture message, were drawn more guests each night to listen to the message. A surprising and remarkable attendance since day one was consistent to the end of the series. The theme "The Living Discoveries" aroused the people's interest, and the message of truth that was revealed each night had amazed, awakened and opened the mind of the truth seekers. Not only the Non-Adventist invitees were blessed and fed but the church members as well, and learned more information that is significant and spiritually uplifted.

The success of this effort was manifested in their three series of baptismal services conducted last October 25, November 08 and 22, 2014 rendering a total of 15 people who joyfully accepted Jesus as their Personal Savior.

In order to nurture the gospel seed that was initially sown in the hearts of the remaining attendees and to keep their enthusiasm alive, our church members are now exerting continuous effort to reach them out by inviting them to the church service, giving bible study and consistently communicating with them till the Holy Spirit fully convict them to finally decide to give their hearts to Jesus.

The church acknowledges all kinds of support from the BC Conference, Vancouver Filipino SDA Church through the leadership of Pastor Levi Estores, Abundant Life, Surrey Filipino and Fraser Valley SDA Churches, the gospel worker's efforts, and participation and unity of our church members who made a tremendous work and prayer for the success of this endeavor. By God's grace, they are looking forward for another evangelistic effort in the near future in order to move ahead quickly to the completion of God's work and more people will be ready for Jesus' second coming.

By Theody Malabanan, Head Elder, Burnaby Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church
 2014 Living Discoveries