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Merrielee Wright's Retirement Luncheon

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Merrielee is one of those people that make a positive impact in your life. She is cheerful and even when life throws it's toughest punches, she finds a way to be positive and care for others in need. I'm going to miss her calming presence. Her relatable stories that inevitably end in laughter. Her deep concern for people and what they are going through. As a younger person, it's easy to write off those of wiser stature as aloof and serious. But I quickly found Merrielee to be fun and occasionally bordering on goofy. She and I would engage in southern drawl banter. Forest Gump & Aunt Jemima trying to figure out the most simple of tasks.

Merrielee Wright's Retirement

Merrielee you have been a light in the ABC. I see Jesus shining through you. Many people are sad to see you go, but as you move forward into this next stage in your life, I know you will continue to bring joy and love to many more people wanting to know Jesus.


Jeremy Wellman, ABC Support Staff 

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