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The mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (British Columbia Conference) is to REACH British Columbia & the Yukon with a Christ-centered message of HOPE and WHOLENESS. As Conference leaders we are committed to do all we possibly can to train, empower, and equip our churches and schools to REACH out to lost men, women, boys, and girls. God has called us into existence not to entertain ourselves but to share the love of Jesus with those who need HOPE and WHOLENESS.

Below is a recent report given by Janet Brock, Associate Superintendent of Education in the BC Conference, to the K-12 Education Board at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada (SDACC). From this report you will see how the Education Department of the BC Conference has embraced the REACH strategy.

Conference Report for November 12-13, 2014 – presented at the SDACC K-12 Board of Education

The BC Conference has adopted a new framework called REACH.  In the Office of Education, we are reframing all that we do through the lens of REACH. BC has seen many positive events since last March.

The R of REACH, Revival & Transformation, is seen in our schools’ daily work with students—and for the third row in a year our student numbers have increased!   From the Office of Education, we are providing worship resources through the Christmas gift of books to our teachers. We are also providing funding for worship initiatives at our conference athletic events.  One of our schools has an active prayer ministry which we hope to use as model for our other schools. A number of schools have also held successful weeks of prayer this fall, with many young people making decisions to follow Jesus.

The E of REACH, Education in Discipleship, happens in our schools as we intentionally provide leadership training and opportunities for our students through student associations, athletic teams, student-led weeks of prayer and mission trips. Last spring, Avalon Adventist Junior Academy in Port Hardy went to La Vida Mission in New Mexico to do mission work there.  Several of our schools are planning mission trips for this coming spring. Deer Lake School is planning a trip to Arizona to work with the Navajo Nation. Fraser Valley Adventist Academy is planning a trip to Central America to build a church and participate in an evangelistic series.

The A of REACH, Alignment within the Church, has us encouraging schools to unite with churches in our shared mission.  At camp meeting time, we at the office were actively involved in writing and editing articles for the daily camp paper.  A number of our principals and teachers were fully involved in various aspects of our week-long camp meeting. Within the conference itself, we are improving communication to allow for better coordination of events around the conference. While pastors sit on school boards, principals are not always included on church boards.  Therefore, we are actively promoting pastors and principals working together in ministry in this way.

The C of REACH, Community Outreach & Evangelism, occurs when our school communities participate in outreach activities.  Our schools have a long list of such activities.  They clean up streets, help out in soup kitchens, sing for seniors, raise funds for foundations such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation, participate in fundraising runs such as the Terry Fox Run, build churches and schools on mission trips, help out churches in home renovation projects, put together Christmas shoeboxes for overseas children, and the list goes on….. Besides supporting these activities, the Office of Education has been involved in provincial education committees and initiatives, which help others understand the professionalism and practical Christianity of Seventh-day Adventists.  Committees and organizations on which we currently have representation include Teacher Certification for BC, the Federation of Independent Schools in BC, International Coordinators for Independent Schools, and the Provincial Audit Review for Special Education.

he H of REACH, Healthy Leadership & Management, happens when our office reviews its initiatives through the lens of the REACH framework, always seeking for improvement and excellence.  We are also engaged in training for local school board members, an ongoing initiative as boards add new members.  Also, this year we hired 19 new teachers in BC.  We held a one-day in-service before school started for all new teachers and teachers new to BC.  We also held a one day in-service for elementary teachers who were new to our language arts program or who wanted a refresher.  This year also saw changes within the Office of Education as Frances Schander retired.  Lisa Clarke was hired with responsibilities for curriculum and West Coast Adventist School.  Lisa Stevens took on the responsibility of Teacher Mentor in addition to her Special Education portfolio and also helps with WCAS marketing. We have visited all of our 15 schools at least once so far this fall.  Unfortunately, we had to close South Okanagan Adventist School this year due to lack of enrollment.  However, we were able to reopen Robson Valley Junior Academy in McBride which had been closed for one year. Also this year, we moved our online school back to the conference headquarters and have switched from blended classrooms to live teaching solely for our online students.

By God’s grace, we will continue to REACH onward and upward.

Wayne Culmore, President 

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