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Creston Church: Lifestyle Seminar 2014

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On October 5-7, the Creston Church ran a lifestyle seminar dealing with obesity, hypertension and phytonutrients.  Our presenter was Dr. Michael Snyder, a family practice physician from Bonners Ferry, Idaho who used the NEWSTART principles of healthful living in his presentations.  Dr. Snyder graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine and went on to complete a Residency at UC Davis in Merced, California.  He is board certified in Family Medicine and has conducted Lifestyle Seminars across the United States and in Europe and South America. Many have found through these seminars that God offers us a better way to live and have embraced the biblical principles of health that the Bible presents for our benefit.

Dr. Michael Snyder's presentation

The meetings were well attended by both church members and people from the community.  The presentations were informative and easy to understand backed up by solid, peer-reviewed scientific research.  Each evening, participants were invited to taste the healthful food samples that a team of ladies had prepared.

This is the second year that we have presented Dr. Snyder’s lifestyle seminar and each time they have been well received by those who attended.

By Pastor Ian Cotton (Retired)

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