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Out of the 101 Seventh Day Adventist Churches in the British Columbia Conference, only one of the churches is actually in the Yukon. This church, the Whitehorse Seventh Day Adventist church, has been around since 1969. However, their current church building was not built until 1978.

Being the odd one out is hard on anyone, even a church. Because of this, the Whitehorse SDA church congregation usually left the outreach to the other, bigger, non-Adventist churches in the area, preferring to stay in their comfort zone. This stopped in 2012 when the Whitehorse SDA church held their first “Shout to the North”.

“Shout to the North” is a multi-denominational outdoor music event organized by the young adults of the Whitehorse Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The aim of the event, inspired by the song of the same name, is to get a feel for the needs of the community, and forge strong relationships with the members of the community. Some of the non-Adventists in Whitehorse seem to view their Adventist neighbours as highly judgemental elitists who think all others are going to hell. While some of the Native community attend churches of other denominations, none attend the Adventist church. Through “Shout to the North”, the SDA congregation hopes to change that.

This year, “Shout to the North” featured seven performers. These were “The Penguins Green”, “The Whiterock Church Band”, “The Sunday Night Band”, “Terry and Mary”, Angel Solomon, Charlie, and “The Bethany Church Filipino Worship Band”. Each did ten to fifteen minute sets, each with a unique sound. In addition to singing and playing instruments, some of the performers rapped or performed spoken word pieces.

Shout to the North Photos by Anjalica Solomon

Most, if not all, of the young adults in the Whitehorse church share a talent for music, and have decided to use this talent to do some outreach. As well as “Shout . . .” and leading out the Sabbath morning worship service, they sing to the elderly in their community. In addition, the church runs an art club called “Ignite”, and a community garden.

There aren't many teenagers or twenty-somethings in the church, but there are a lot of young families. Becky Law (one of the young adult leaders in Whitehorse Seventh-day Adventist Church) hopes they are starting a legacy of outreach that their children will grow up in and take over.

By Chanelle-Lize Antoinette Marshall is a first year college student pursuing an associate degree in Creative Writing. Chanelle is an active member of the Westminster Seventh-day Adventist Church and is one of the counselors/leaders of its Pathfinder Club.

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