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Jesus says in John 8:24, "For if you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins."

Oh man… That is a really direct and ‘straight-to-the-point’ verse. If you are a non-believer, you may (I’m trying not to be stereotypical or mean) come across this and say that this is ludicrous and just ignore it, continue on your day on your day and think nothing of it. I, on the other hand, think of this as a very heavy and important verse to live by.

Now, sometimes and quite frankly, this question is one of the highest debated of all time in the modern era: “Is there a God?”

Well now… What a heavy question. Hola. Am I able to prove this question with the knowledge I have? Maybe, maybe not. But the one thing I can do is tell you of my own personal experience I have had with God intervening and taking control of my life.

Where to start… Where to start… Hmmm…. This is hard to talk about but it needs to be said in order for people to have a ‘better’ understanding about God.

One of the most disastrous and terrible times in my life was just recently. It all started in an argument that my father and I had in fall last year. It was a pretty serious argument as it resulted in him and I rolling on the ground having a brawl, then I having to go to the hospital for stitches on my head.

Now, you might be wondering why this is such a good story/example to use in this subject that I am talking about. Like, if God is so good and loving, why did he have this happen? One thing before I continue with the story is that no matter how tragic the situation is, no matter how much it might not have been God’s will, God continues to work for good.

So, continuing on… After I returned home, I was completely wondering why God had let this happen. It was a very important time in my life where, I never knew what to think about God and wondered if I should even continue on. After a couple days, I thought long and hard about the decision I had to make and before you knew it, I had chosen my own path. I moved out. Just like that. Not even considering anyone’s opinion. I walked out. I packed my things and was on my own journey on life. It was a real sad and heartbreaking moment when I realized what I was doing but I thought it was for the better.

My family was torn. Every night I went to sleep, I cried. I didn’t want to think about it but somehow, it kept entering my mind. I rolled in my sleep, I dazed off into the sky, not knowing about my life and what to do about it.

School started and before I knew it, grade 11 hit me like a ton of bricks. Learning, studying, projects, sitting through lectures and maybe dozing off in class, and last but not least, tests. It was hard. My grades dropped the first couple of months and definitely weren’t as great as the year before. My social life took over, I didn’t care about school as much anymore and I just plain outright rejected my family. Coming back from all that had happened, what I would do if the stress overcame me, and what would others think set forward a thought in my mind.

Where are you God?
Where are you God? Where? This thought first hit me like a sumo-wrestler going 100 km/h. I sat on my bed, had a tiny debate in my head and straight out declared that I needed to bring my problems to the one being that everyone should always bring their worries to. God. I sat and wondered on what I should say to the Almighty Powerful One and thought for a bit and decided that I should just start out in the best way I could think.

“Dear Heavenly Father, Jesus my shepherd, I call upon you in my desperate times of love and forgiveness and I oh so desperately wish for your loving guidance…” I continued this prayer for probably a good 15 minutes before I said, “… in your loving name, Amen.”

When I opened my eyes and I felt this wave of reassurance and blessing that sorta had this feeling as if God was standing right there with me and putting His hand upon my shoulder. I finally came to my senses that God was waiting there all the time, even when I was questioning Him. All He was trying to do was help push me forward in a direction that concluded that He was there for support and for a shoulder to lean on. I finally had a clear mindset and a better understanding of His love for someone even if they are lost in doubt.

School finally started to click and my grades went up and I started to have better relationships with my friends, teachers and even my family. I mean, yes, there were times when I still got into the dumps but whenever I took my problems to God and had a deep, intimate talk with Him, my mind became clear and all my problems seemed to be lifted off my shoulders. Now look where I’m at: Grade 12, have my own car, back together with my mom, good grades, great relationships and a knowing of God and His unfailing, never-ending love.

Now, I know this may not of been a more of a fact-conclusion to the question, “Is there a God?”, but what I believe of what can help anyone in their journey to find God is to just take a look at what a great, positive experience it is for people to accept God and look at their live and even sit down and talk with someone that has accepted Him, even someone such as myself. I believe that there is a God, opposite of what many people say. I believe that there is a God that is almighty, powerful, all-knowing but also that He is loving, never-ending and unfailing in His will and plans to help us know that He is always there for us to take all our worries and problems to!

Paul, a very influential Bible figure and a man who had his life turned around for the good when God shined upon him and helped Paul do good and helped others find the Lord and Paul has this to say in Romans 8:

The promise of no condemnation (verses 1-4)
Paul says that we are no longer condemned to an eternal death. We Christians may feel as if we are scared and guilty of our lives and not knowing if we will ever make it to the wonderful Heaven that we always wish to go to. But it is basically put down that Jesus became our ‘offering’ for us, that He took on the sins so that we may live guilt free knowing that we are indeed saved from the clutches of sin and we are set free from the wages of sin.

The promise that the Spirit will live within us (verses 5-11)
Through God’s Spirit, He is personally present within us to lead us. When He takes over our lives, He leads us to a new way of live. The Spirit is God’s personal presence within us. That Spirit helps us bring a better knowledge and understanding of Jesus into our lives.

The promise of adoption (verses 12-16)
If we are led by the Spirit, we are now God’s children. If you picture this, it is a wonderful view of salvation. Our relationship with God and His love is tenacious. Just like a loving family should do, is be bound together by a love that will never separate acting as if God is our loving parents, we are therefore loved and considered His children.

The promise of a future (verses 17-25)
Paul says that after we have accepted God and His Spirit within us and led to the Spirit’s desires and not our own personal, sinful-flesh desires, there is an incredible joy waiting ahead of us. All we can do is be led by the Spirit.

The promise of help in our prayer (verses 26-27)
We all don’t know how to pray how we should pray. We even don’t know what is best for us. But the one who does is God. If we let Him live in us, he takes over and helps us put together all our prayers into what we should really be asking for so that He can help us understand and answer them in a way we can all happily agree on and as if we really knew what was best for us.

The promise that God works for the good (verses 28-30)
In all that I can summarize, for the eternity that God lives within us, He always strives for the good and helps make it apparent in our lives so that we can carry it out.

The promise that we are more than winners (verses 31-37)
No matter what, God is on our side and it doesn’t matter who is against us. Paul says that we are essentially Hyper-Winners, or Super-Winners not because of our strength but because Jesus is more powerful than anything the world or Satan can throw at us.

The promise of no separation (verses 38-39)
Through all that has been said of what God can do for us and what He will never stop doing, it is definitely safe to say that He will never let anything ever separate us from Him.

If we study and we truly grasp the reality of all the promises that have been laid out in front of us for us, we will be able to let joy, confidence and peace dominate our lives in this sinful world.

By Conner Roberts, Grade 12 Student, Peace Christian School, Chetwynd, BC

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