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We would like to produce a home grown magazine that can be placed in each of the guest rooms in the lodge. 

What makes Camp Hope special to you? 

We would like to collect stories of significant personal events that have happened at Camp Hope, camp meeting and other weekend programs. 

Did you meet Jesus there for the first time? 
Renew your commitment to Him there?
Were you baptized there? 
Have a breakthrough on some questions, beliefs or understanding that you had been wrestling with.

Perhaps some memories were made there that you treasure regarding grandparents, parents, children etc.

Were you engaged there?
Married there?

Do you get your physical batteries re-charged there?

We would like to make stories like these an important part of this magazine, have one in each room and have them available for our guests to take home with them. 

There would also be an area for some history of the camp, a little information on the staff, perhaps why the menu is vegetarian... we are in the concept stages and solicit your stories.

Please feel free to email me at

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