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Stress Management Seminar – On Wednesday, October 8, 2014, Pastor Cameron Johnston led out in a Stress Management Seminar at the Rock Creek Medical Centre, Rock Creek.  

Eleven individuals from the community including one person who came all way from Grand Forks as well as six members form the Kettle Valley SDA Company took in this seminar.    

Pastor Johnston compared stress to “hot soup”.  All participants took the “Stress Test” and then learned about the stress signals in each of six major areas; physical, behavioural, emotional, cognitive, relational and spiritual.    

He then shared the 8 Ways to Cool down the Stress Soup.  

All appreciated the way Pastor Johnston presented the material including his humour and many made a commitment to implement some of the 8 ways to cool down their stress soup.  

By Harald Zinner, Rock Creek Seventh-day Adventist Company

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