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Fall Comes to Camp Hope!

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Middle aged man Winter is starting to stir. On the highest peaks(namely Mt Cheam) the first snows of the season made their inaugeral appearance. However, the sun, not eager to retreat too hastily, peaked through the clouds and made a few more UV showers last week. This week it was in hiding. The rain in Spain that falls mainly on the plain, remember it? Well it is now falling mainly in Hope. Thus, the hills are alive, with the sound of music, the music of the rain. In the summer in the children's classes they sing...the rain drops still fall with a pitter patter pit. We don't need to sing it anymore around here. We have it in surround sound, by the original artist.

Fall Comes to Camp Hope

The millions of leaves on all of our trees that gave us such nice shade and cleansed our air this summer, have grown weary and tired. In the winds, the trees are gently swaying and not so gently swaying. The leaves, they are coming down, falling from their lofty perches. In a stiff breeze, the leaves come down and look like a swirling snow/leafstorm. 

Some of the bruins (not of Boston fame) that are residents in the neighboring woods have been visiting the camp, eating and fattening up on the nuts that grow in the woods on our southern fence line. Al, one of our staff saw a mother black bear and three cubs cross our camp road a few days ago. In one of the pictures, you will see a yearling who had been dining on nuts.

The roads are getting covered with a carpet of brown leaves, and our grounds are getting covered too, so our mowers are busing mowing them into mulch. If we don't do this, this carpet of leaves will blanket and smother our grass. 

Down the road a ways there is a big farm that grows a lot of pumpkins, gourds and squash. They sell it at a little self serve kiosk. I stopped by there the other day to pick a few things up as I was fresh out of gourds. Yes, I was out of my gourd(s). Ther is a wide variety of squash, pumpkins and gourds. There is also a pallet of very large pumpkins there. They are only $20 each. Populous places with prolific pumpkins pose pie potential that comPares pretty piously to pumpkinless patches. There is your Thursday alliteration. 

The good Lord has blessed Camp Hope's location with so much beauty, in each season. I do love the Fall with its changing weather, colours, winds and...pumpkins.

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