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October 4, 2014, was a special Sabbath in the Rutland SDA Church for three precious individuals. Tianna Smith was accepted into church membership through baptism and Lurline Brown through profession of faith. In addition, a darling week-old baby girl, Payton Hope Boschee, was dedicated to the Lord.

It was also a day that is officially designated as International Girl’s Day. How fitting that our three honored individuals happened to be “girls”. Recently-retired pastor, Brian Hawes, was still on hand to conduct the special service.

Tianna is a first-year university student at the University of British Columbia. Through the friendship of the Scuka family and others in the Rutland Church, she has been attending church for several years. We are so happy she made the decision for baptism and to fully dedicate her life to Jesus and to serving Him with her many talents.

Lurline Brown, originally from Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, moved to Kelowna two years ago to continue her education in the field of Business. Just this past year, she assumed the position of treasurer at Okanagan Adventist Academy where she serves very capably in that capacity.

Brad and Chelsea Boschee consider their little daughter, Payton Hope, to be a gift from Heaven. It is their sincere desire that God will hold her and her older brother, Noah, in the hollow of His Hands as they grow and develop in Jesus.

The Rutland Church is rejoicing to see people of all ages commit themselves to Jesus. May we as spiritual guardians in the Rutland Church be faithful in surrounding them with our love, nurturing them in their relationship with Jesus.

By Donna Rose, Communication Secretary, Rutland Seventh-day Adventist Church

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