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Yolanda Fowler's Spiritual Journey

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Yolanda Louise Fowler of the Gitxsan Nation, celebrated her New Birth in Jesus Christ, on her birthday! This is how she tells her story.

It all started when I was only eight years old. My parents bought me a Bible Story colouring book. There were scriptures written under each picture, and I really enjoyed reading them while colouring, and this is where God first entered my life.

As a teenager I went to the Revivals in our village eager to know more about God and His Son Jesus.

In 2008 I met Zanna Ove, a Bible Worker living at Fairhaven, who had recently come from the States. She introduced me to the Native New Day Bible studies. I really enjoyed them. They were so informative, answering a lot of questions that were in my mind.

Mr. & Mrs. Ove started picking me up with their van and taking me with several other villagers to church in Terrace each sabbath. They would leave home at 7:30 in the morning to go to the villages and get our people and we would travel for an hour and a half to get to Sabbath School on time. After fellowship dinner we would all go to the All Nations Centre for the afternoon service held there for the natives and street people. After the service they served us soup, then we would all get in the van for the two hour trip home arriving around 8 or 9 at night. It was then that I thought of joining the church. Sometimes we worshipped at Fairhaven or Hazelton, but everyone really liked to go to Terrace for Sabbath.

I was happy to find my friend Donelda Turley in the van, going to church too. We were both alcoholics and used to drink together at parties. Our birthdays are on the same day. I was so glad that we both were turning our lives over to the Lord about the same time.

I moved to Terrace in Aug. of 2013 and attended the All Nations services regularly. I approached lay-pastor Ron Dames and ask if I could be baptized on my birthday, (it was a couple of weeks away.) He said he would arrange it. So I was baptized at the Terrace Seventh-day Adventist church September 21, 2013, by Ron Dames. I moved back to Gitwangak in December 2013.

The Gitxsan Seventh-day Adventist group were then meeting regularly in a rented church in Gitwangak. We have a group of 15-25 meeting weekly now, and I enjoy being part of God's big family. It brings me such a “Peace of mind”.

I am the mother of two, my son Richard Alexander and my daughter Wendy Alexander. I am also blessed with two grand-children. A grand-daughter, Nevaeh Alexander from Richard & Justine Tait. And a grand-son from Wendy and Everett Turner named after his father, Everett Turner Jr. the third." I want to be a good influence for my family, drawing them to the Lord also.

In His service for His purpose,

Leif and Zanna Ove

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