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PCS Graduates First Grade 12 Class!

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Much has changed in the past six years that I’ve spent at Peace Christian School (PCS) in Chetwynd. I remember my first year’s grade 7 social studies class. They were, to say the least, an eclectic group, full of life and personality.

A lot has changed in the years between then and now. Some have moved on, and others have joined; however, the one constant with this group has been growth.

The 2013-14 school year started with an air of excitement as we contemplated the first grade 12 class in the history of PCS!

For many it was the culmination of years of preparation and hard work to make reality from a dream. As the staff reflected on the journey, there was a bittersweet feeling.

The six young men who made up PCS’s very first graduating class epitomized the high standards we promote at PCS: strong leaders, role models, and team players involved in school, both in and out of the classroom.

We celebrated the accomplishments of these six young men, but we also were going to have to say goodbye to some of our strongest leaders, athletes, students, and personalities.

As we prepared for the graduation ceremonies, I remember the statement that Principal Darren Shankel made last September: “I am going to enjoy every moment I have with this class.” And that’s how the year has gone.

As a staff, we have enjoyed the time with them, whether it was football, volleyball, or soccer tournaments, watching them lead out in church, their participation in various drama and choir productions throughout the year, or just watching them interact with the elementary students.

Through it all we have truly enjoyed every moment with them!

Even though graduation itself was one more moment to celebrate -- and even though it was the very first one in the history of Peace Christian School – that fact was overshadowed by the six extraordinary young graduates: Brandon, Joe, Nathan, Riley, Taishon, and Tobias.

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