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It is my pleasure to introduce to the British Columbia (BC) Conference constituency the new pastors who have joined our ministerial team since our 2013 camp meeting.

We have had eight new additions to our team during this period.

However, three of them, Pastors Rajkumar Dixit, Leomar Macaraig and David Rodriguez were formally introduced last camp meeting, as they started their ministry immediately after last year’s camp meeting.

The other five new pastors are Kevin Burrell, Peter Qiu, Jerry Logan, John Masigan and Robert Folkenberg III.

Kevin Burrell came to BC with his family immediately after recieving his theology degree graduation at Canadian University College (CUC) in 2012.

He is married to Valita, and they have two children, Jonathan (7) and Jesse (4). Kevin started his studies pursuing a master’s degree in theology at Trinity Western University in that year.

The agreed plan with CUC is for Pastor Burrell to return to CUC to be one of its professors in the Religion Department to lecture on subjects related to Biblical languages in the near future.

In the beginning of 2013, Pastor Burrell started to assist Pastor Burnett Robinson as a Bible worker for the evangelistic campaign the district had planned for that year. However, in September of 2013, Pastor Robinson accepted a call to serve in New York and the pastoral position of the district became vacant.

The New Life and Richmond churches were happy with the ministry of Pastor Burrell and worked together with the Conference for his placement as their pastor in the beginning of December 2013. The churches are enjoying and working closely with Pastor Burrell. He has become a great addition to our ministerial team.

Peter Qiu came to BC with his wife Joy and their three young boys: Aaron (12), Moses (10), and Michael (6). His ministry is an initiative of the Chinese Church with the purpose to establish a work in the Lower Mainland with the Chinese university students.

Bunjie Choi opened his own house for the Qiu family to live in as a venue for a friendship and gathering time for the Chinese students, as Pastor Peter Qiu & Joy led spiritual activities for the group on Friday evenings.

A sumptuous Adventist - style meal was served during the meetings which enhanced the program as the Chinese students came searching for new friends and a “Chinese time” together with other young people of their culture. This activites provided them with an enjoyable time, a break from their studies, and sometimes even a break from isolation.

The dedicated and hard work of Pastor Qiu has been blessed with 11 baptisms so far (some more during this camp meeting) and a number of Bible studies.

The group has grown from 15 - 18 to about 30 young people.

They are now enjoying two meetings: Friday evening at Pastor Peter Qiu’s home in Westminster and on Sabbath morning at the Westminster Church, which provides an opportunity for some of the parents to join in the spiritual activities, too.

Please pray for Pastor Qiu and the Chinese youth group.

Jerry Logan was born and raised in BC. He is married to Olenah and they are the parents of Angelina (married to Pastor Matthew Harris), Dustin, and Alanna. After completing his theological studies at CUC in 2009, Pastor Logan served as the pastor of the Corner Brook Church in the Newfoundland Mission.

Being a man who loves the outdoors, persists as a good shepherd to his flock, and stays very active with the young people, the Prince George, McBride, and Vanderhoof churches thought he would be a good fit for them, and worked closely with the Conference to place a call to him to return to BC.

Pastor Logan started his ministry in those churches at the beginning of April this year and he has already experienced love and respect from the members of his pastoral district. We are convinced that Pastor Logan and his family will serve our beloved brothers and sisters in the northern part of BC very well.

John Masigan is a young and vibrant pastor. He graduated from CUC with his theology degree in 2013. Since then, he has been very involved with the BC young people as their speaker for summer camps and other activities.

Pastor Masigan was hired as a locally funded youth pastor of the Rest Haven Church in the fall of 2013. He worked very hard and closely with Pastor Michael Stevenson, and they experienced a good growth and a positive environment with the youth in that church.

After the retirement of Pastor Bill Kelly, the Kamloops Church and the Barriere and Clearwater companies worked very closely and prayerfully with the BC Conference in the selection process of their new pastor. A call was placed Pastor Masigan to to serve in that district, and he began serving the churches on July 1, 2014. This will be a busy and blessed summer for Pastor Masigan. Besides starting his ministry with the BC Conference, he will also get married to Cherry-Ann Del Mundo in August. We wish God’s richest blessings upon the Masigan young couple as they serve the Lord together with all their love and strength.

Robert Folkenberg III will be officially joining the British Columbia Conference as the assistant/youth pastor at the Rutland Seventh-day Adventist Church in September 2014.

This year on June 16 Rob married his best friend, Bethany Gerber! They’ve spent their summer in Walla Walla, WA, where they are finishing up degrees in theology and education, respectively. Rob loves sharing Jesus with other young people and involving them in serving God and others. Besides ministry, Rob is passionate about living life adventurously. He enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and traveling.

We are very proud and appreciative of our new pastors in the BC Conference. We kindly request our beloved members in our constituency to lift them up in prayers daily. Welcome to the BC Conference Ministerial team Pastors Burrell, Qui, Logan, Masigan, and Folkenberg!

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