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2014 Prayer Weekend With Pavel Goia

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The Hope, BC forecast for September 12-14 was for clear and sunny skies. The inside Camp Hope forecast was for warm hearts and smiles all around. It was with much anticipation that 100 guests came to hear author and pastor, Pavel Goia speak in a six-message series.

Born and raised in communist Romania, Pavel was grew up in an Adventist Christian home. In a Godless society where there are very, very few worshipping freedoms, their family was often at odds with the government rules. It was there that they saw God’s hand at work in many various ways, including Bible smuggling into a church with many unknown informants.

2014 Prayer Weekend

Since coming to America, attending seminary, pastoring in Wisconsin and now in Kentucky, Pavel has been to over 40 countries. His conferences on prayer and revival are requested globally. He speaking schedule is currently booked up through the early part of 2017.

We were blessed to hear some of his talks on the various types of prayer as well as a two talks on revival. Sunday morning’s talk was on intercessory prayer and in particular, praying for our children. It was very emotional and heartfelt and there were many tears. After an amazing message, everyone was given a piece of paper to write down the name of one or more children, and then everyone was invited to come forward as Pavel prayed for all the names presented.

It was an honor to host him in our home for two nights, prior to and after the retreat, and to hear story after amazing story of God’s leading in his and the lives of his family. A very down to earth man who is passionate about serving God, and his ministry. He never requests any financial remuneration, wherever he goes to speak beyond his travel expense, nor charges anything for his cds and dvds.

His book “One Miracle After Another - The Pavel Goia Story” is available at our ABC store. You can also listen to or watch his prayer series or many talks online at the website of his church under the media tab.

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