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On April 27, 2014 one hundred twenty four girls and their dads had a spectacular time of commitment and celebration of their relationship - Key To My Heart Father-Daughter Banquet in stunning Langley Golf Course facilities.    

It was so touching to see the dads crying while reading their blessings on their daughters.  The girls were princesses in their gorgeous ball gowns, giving silver keys to their dads to be passed to their future husbands on the wedding day.

Father-Daughter duet by Colin and Lauren Davis, singing “The Prayer” by Celine Dion was a tingles-giving culmination of the evening. God made Key To My Heart Banquet more than we could ever dream or imagine!  

Two years prior, I read James Dobson’s book about girls where he mentioned a special celebration when the girl turns of age.  God put a strong desire to organize a similar event when my daughter turns 13.  I prayed for almost a year, I needed one more person to spearhead this event with.    

When it was time to start planning, I sent an e-mail to my friends asking if anyone would be interested in being the co-organizer.  My friend Margi Bouchard responded within half an hour minutes, saying that she’s been praying and wanting to organize something like this for her daughter for a year already.    

Margi and I started meeting every Tuesday, praying and planning.  God miraculously sent us an amazing speaker for the event - Tia MacDougal - her specialty is working with teenage girls.  Tia is the only Christian speaker who regularly conducts seminars at Langley School District, Mowat School in Abbotsford, etc.    

Tia and her husband didn’t just speak at the Banquet but volunteered to conduct preparatory sessions for the girls and their dads.    

The next mind-boggling miracle started with Margi finding this absolutely gorgeous place for the Banquet with crystal chandeliers, swirling staircase for pictures, amazing surrounding views out the windows, and beautifully prepared food - all at Langley Golf Course… the problem was that just one plate of food there cost $40 per person.  We wanted to make this event affordable for any fathers and daughters that wanted to attend.  Margi and I started praying for sponsors… God responded immediately - Aldergrove Seventh-day Adventist Church sponsored all our advertising efforts, and… we got $6,000 donation from a non-Adventist dad who really wanted to take his daughter to an event like this!!!    

The next big miracle happened when we were looking for a musician.  After a couple months of searching, I was a given a name of an amazing musician, Russ Rosen, with the words “he would be a perfect fit for the event, but he probably would charge $5,000 or $6,000 for the three hours at the banquet.”  

Next time we met I shared the musician’s name with Margi, who squealed: “Russ Rosen was the best man at my wedding!  I haven’t seen him for 20 years!”  The rest went by fast.  Russ wanted to play for the Banquet practically for free!    

God sent us people that had a heart for girls - Teresa Penner (came up with the name for the Banquet), Sonja Buchanan and Jan Kyslik (were the videographers at the event), Trish (MC), Judi (Greeter and Good Manners Lady) Leah Kwas, Diana Sole, Claudette Seawell, Trish, Judi, Nora Brown and many others. This Banquet would never be possible without the help of these wonderful and dedicated people! Many local businesses came on board and donated door prizes.  And of course, Jesus made it all the reality - all the pieces fit like the puzzle!    

The miracle that touched my heart the most happened just a week prior to the Banquet.   A man named Steve phoned me pleading to get tickets to the Banquet.  He recently became a Christian and he wanted to make a new start in relationships with his daughter who he used to treat badly.  We had no tickets left, so with a heavy heart I had to turn him down.  We agreed to pray about his situation.    

The next day a family phoned Margi, apologizing that because of a family emergency they had to leave the country and needed to return their tickets to the Banquet!   It was another reassurance for Steve that God does answer prayers!  His daughter was a beaming princess at the Banquet!

For many dads and daughters this Banquet was a time to reestablish their commitments to each other, for many it was a point where the dad could admit that his daughter had grown up and needs to be treated as one, for many it was a bonding time, for many it was a time to celebrate their daughters coming of age, but for all it was a beautiful time which they could look back at and the girls could say “my dad taught me how I should be treated on a date and how truly special I am in my Father’s eyes.”         

By Lana Kapiniak, Member, Aldergrove Seventh-day Adventist Church

Key To My Heart Father-Daughter Banquet  

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