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BOD Updates: July 27, 2014

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Greetings! The BC Conference Board of Directors (BOD) met on Sunday, July 27, 2014, during Camp Meeting. The meeting was very spiritually filled with many prayers and praises to God for His blessings. Please find below some highlights & decisions of that meeting:

 1 – Wayne Culmore presented the President’s report highlighting the excellent spiritual environment already sensed during the first days of Camp Meeting (CM) as well as the blessings received by all CM attendees through the messages of Elder Mark Finley, and all the preparations that led to make CM a very spiritual event for the BC Conference constituents. 

2 – Michael Wixwat, Treasurer, presented the YTD June 2014 Treasury report showing a 0.72% growth in tithe when compared to the same period last year. Let us thank God for the faithfulness of His children and be encouraged to remain committed to God and His Cause.

3 – Ern Brake, Assistant to the President for REACH presented a historical, methodological, practical, and encouraging report about REACH and the potential of this strategic plan to grow God’s Kingdom in BC & Yukon. Ern is working hard in developing some training presentations for church leaders. He is already going around the Conference motivating our churches, schools, pastors and teachers to be in alignment with the 5 core values of REACH BC & Yukon.

4 – Lloyd Robinson, Education Superintendent presented the Education Dept. report highlighting the benefits of Christian Education in our communities and the alignment of our schools with the REACH initiative. He also shared the final challenges to fill the last vacant spots in his search of good teachers for our schools. Please pray for our schools, principals, teachers, and students! 

5 – The BOD was updated about the negotiations revolving around the building of a new office and the potential for the current location of our Church headquarters. The BOD voted to request the Building Committee to bring a detailed report with options/suggestions in connection with the current location (property) and the building of a new headquarters facility to be presented to the BOD on the October 19, 2014 meeting.

6 – The BOD voted to approve the expansion plans of the Salmon Arm Church and their Revolving Fund Loan application to the SDACC related to the project.

7 – It was also voted to approve the purchase of an adjacent property to the Quesnel Church by that church as well as their Revolving Fund Loan application to the SDACC.

8 – Also, the BOD voted in principle the purchase of a property by the Korean Seed Sowers in Langley, as the property price negotiation is still in progress. This action is to subject to the submission of a professional inspection report on the property and the final approval of the BC Conference Building Committee.

9 – The BOD voted to adopt the BC Conference Part-time Minister Handbook.

10 – It was also voted to approve an Advanced Studies Policy for the BC Conference pastors.

11 - It was presented to the BOD the BC Conference Teachers Handbook.

12 – The ABC Financial Statement for April 2014 was received by the BOD. It shows a good improvement when compared to the same period in 2013. 

13 – The BOD approved the alignment of the Revelstoke Company with the Salmon Arm and Silver Creek Churches forming a pastoral district comprised of 3 churches.

14 – A Mission Trip Policy for our BC Conference churches was approved by the BOD. Please find this document attached to this message. 

15 – The Church Plant Guidelines document was amended by the BOD, following the recommendation of the Church Planting Taskforce Committee with the intention of fostering healthy church plants in our Conference.

16 – The Castlegar Group was officially recognized by the BOD as a Church Plant of the Nelson Church & other supportive churches in the district. There was no Adventist presence in that city.

17 – The Kettle Valley Church Plant, a “daughter” of the Osoyoos Church, located at Westbridge/Rock Creek was voted to become a Company. Now, the BC Conference Administration will organize a date to visit the members there and have an official ceremony with them. 

18 – The BOD placed a call to Pastor Charles Lomudak to be the pastor of the Port Hardy Church. Charles is a recent graduate from CUC and is originally from Sudan, where he started his Theological studies years ago and worked for ADRA. Charles has been in Canada for 15 years and was directly involved in the planting and leadership of the New Life and Guilford Churches, respectively. He is married to Sandra and they have two sons, Onyango Emmanuel (9), Ochaya Nathan (6), and a daughter, Amito Naomi (3) years old.

19 – The BOD also placed a call to Pastor Neil Peralta to be the pastor of the Hazelton and Smithers Churches and Lakes District Company. Neil is currently serving as the Chaplain for Deer Lake School and the Youth pastor of the Burnaby Filipino Church. Neil has worked for 9 consecutive years as the Assistant Director for the BC Conference Summer Camp.

We welcome Charles and Neil in our pastoral team of the BC Conference. Please remember them in your prayers.

After the unforgettable spiritual experience of our 2014 Living in His Presence Camp Meeting, we can certainly say that we are blessed to belong to God’s family and that His Presence saves, redeems, transforms, shapes, and sanctifies us daily. Thank you for your diligent & committed work. Together, the Lord used all of us to make a difference in the lives of our constituent members, by His grace. Thank you!

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