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Another meaningful Family Retreat was held June 25-28 on the beautiful grounds of Mountain View Conference Center.  Parents and children, grandparents and single adults gathered together for fellowship and spiritual blessing.  Practical messages on applying the gospel within the home setting were presented by Tom and Alane Waters and Paul, Carolyn, Hannah and Caleb Rayne from Restoration International.  Topics included; “Living It Is Giving It,” “Parenting a Prince,” “When Parents Say No!” and “What I Want.”

To encourage the spirit of family responsibility and togetherness, children stayed with their parents through every meeting.  The youth were involved in special music and leading the song service.  How lovely it was to see the stage filled with young people reverently singing hymns to God’s glory. The youth also eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed the traditional game of freeze-tag as well as a campfire supper.

Speakers were available for gender appropriate counselling or to share a meal with those who wished to get to know them better.  The effectiveness of Restoration International’s Family Retreats is found in their simplicity.  Simple trust in the Word of God and the blessings promised and simple, practical methods of delivering the messages.  Attendees were encouraged with the fact that God’s ideal for our families is possible for each one.

If you would like to be a part of Family Retreat visit and click on B.C. Retreat or contact Kevin and Rachel Trenchuk at 780-383-2135.  Registration is free.  The next B.C. Retreat is scheduled for July 1-4, 2015.  The event begins Wednesday evening.  Meetings will be held in the Camp Hope lodge auditorium.

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