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Have you ever felt like your prayers were bouncing off the ceiling and just keeping you company? Have you ever wondered why it seemed God didn’t answer your prayers? Join Pastor Pavel Goia for an extraordinary journey of faith. In these five powerful presentations, you will discover why almost 70% of the 650 prayers in the Bible received instant answers. You will be filled with awe and wonder at the power of God as Pastor Goia shares incredible stories and experiences of how God has worked in his life and in the lives of others in direct answer to prayer. If you are ready to experience the real power of prayer, this retreat is for you!

If you have read Pastor Pavel's book, "One Miracle After Another: The Pavel Goia Story" or not, this weekend will charge or recharge your prayer life like none other. 

To read reviews of his book, go to

Here are a few:
"Pavel's story is one that you can't put down...nor will it allow you to look at your own spiritual life the same. After reading this book, look up his seminar on prayer on the web at I just finished that seminar and am SO thankful to God for all the info in it. The stories in this book, and in the seminar are absolutely amazing. They'll leave you awestruck and totally amazed at God's Providences."

"This book describes one astounding experience after another. If you're having a hard time and you want direction in your life, follow the example of Pavel Goia: depend on God for everything and He will take care of you. The stories of how he got to the university, how he started businesses, and printed church-related materials in communist Romania are amazing. It's a book that is hard to put down."

"This book not only helped me and my husband to understand prayer better, we now pray more often in situations where we think things might be hopeless. Thank-you to Pastor Pavel and Gregg Budd for putting this book out there and for Pastor Pavel's witness."

"This book is simply amazing. I liked it so much that I m currently studying it with one of my churches. The faith story of this man will blow your mind away and will encourage you to pray more."

Rooms are available for booking at Camp Hope. Cabins, bunkhouse rooms, mini cabins RV sites and tenting available as well.

Call 604 869 2615 at the Camp Hope Lodge for information and pricing and to make your reservations. You can also email for more information.

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