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Is God in Total Control of YOU?

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In 1954, Robert Munger wrote a booklet designed to help college students better understand what it meant to give Jesus their whole heart. My Heart, Christ’s Home is a meditation on the reality that as Christian’s, Christ comes into our lives and desires to be “at home” in our hearts. This is a very convicting narrative of a man who learns what it is really like to surrender everything to Jesus and to live every day in His presence.

In the narrative he had to learn not to allow the busyness of life to crowd Jesus out of his life. And he also had to be willing to allow Jesus to open the door to the secret areas of his heart (ouch!) At the conclusion of the narrative he asked Jesus to take over the responsibility of his whole house, his whole heart, and make his life what it ought to be. For us to live in His presence, Jesus must be in control of our thoughts, dominate all our desires – even our appetite, and to use our gifts to bring glory and honor to Him. 

Are you willing today to transfer the title of your heart to Jesus and submit yourself to be His servant?  Are you willing to say, “Lord, from now on I am going to be the servant, and I want you to be the master and owner of my heart!”

Obedience to God is not a passive attitude. It is a matter of action. Obedience is more than not doing bad things.  It is aggressively doing good things. It is doing all that God wants you to do!

Blessings, Wayne Culmore, President

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