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Twenty-six year old Ashley Smith had only lived in her apartment two days. She got out of the car and walked to the door. Fear flowed down her spine like ice water as a man came up behind her, stuck a gun to her head, and forced her inside.

Fear increased when she realized that she was the hostage of accused rapist Brian Nichols.  Days earlier Nichols had gone on a killing spree, leaving four people dead as he escaped from an Atlanta courthouse. Nichols, running from police, just happened to show up at her door.

Smith, a young widow, was newly involved in a Celebrate Recovery group at a local church, seeking the help of God to overcome her battle with drug and alcohol addiction. Fearing rape and murder, Smith silently sought God for the supernatural courage to talk to Nichols through the night.

At one point he let her read her Bible. Then he even let her read to him a section of a Christian book about how the purpose of life is to serve others. She told him that he needed to turn himself in and stop hurting people.  He needed to go to prison and share the Word of God with the other prisoners.

The next day, as Ashley calmly served him pancakes, murderer-rapist Brian Nichols looked at her and said he believed she was an angel sent from God. He was lost and needed her to tell him to stop hurting people. Eventually, he allowed her to leave the apartment. Shortly after, he surrendered to the police.

As it was recorded in newspapers across America, Ashley Smith found that God gave her supernatural courage to overcome her fear and minister in a very dangerous and unusual way. She said, “I believe God brought him to my door so he would not hurt anyone else.”

When you are Living in God’s Presence don’t be surprised as to how God may use you to reach a soul for Him.

Blessings, Wayne Culmore, President

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