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Oakridge Celebrates Multicultural Day

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On Sabbath the 28th of June Oakridge Adventist Church (OAC) celebrated it’s annual Multicultural Sabbath followed by a cultural banquet of foods from around the world.

This year was particularly special as OAC was honored with a letter of recommendation from The Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of Multiculturalism, Social Development and Employment. The letter along with a certificate of congratulations was presented to senior pastor, Pastor Kumar Dixit during the service by MP Chung Sun Leung, parliamentary secretary of Multiculturalism.

The letter commended OAC for it’s contribution to the promotion of multiculturalism and it’s commitment to social harmony amongst the diverse cultures of Vancouver.

“We were delighted and honored to receive the recommendation as a church! Just to be recognized for something we often take for granted like our diversity, really was something amazing!” said Pastor Dixit who along with other ministry leaders intend to continue to celebrate multiculturalism at OAC long into the future!

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