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Living In His Presence Through the Fires of Affliction

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His Aunt Florence had it. There she sat, day after day, tiny and crumpled, a prisoner of her wheelchair. Her limbs were withered and crooked. Her joints gnarled and knotted by crippling rheumatoid arthritis. 

The joys and freedoms of daily life had long ago been taken from her. She could no longer take a walk across the field. 

She was incapable of bending down to scoop up a wiggling grandchild in her arms. She could not cook for her family a big meal. She could not even get up and clean her little farmhouse. Yet God shone all over her face.

Though she ached in continual pain, you would never know it by measuring her smile.

If the frustrations of bondage to the chair or the bed bothered her, she never complained of it. Her heart was not filled with self-pity or her countenance with sorrow.  Resentment held no place in her heart. Instead, she sparkled with a deep and attractive joy.

Florence practiced living in the presence of Jesus. Her relationship with God turned the prison of her wheelchair into a sweet sanctuary of solitude. In spite of and in the midst of her suffering, the glorious golden glow of God’s presence shone all over her face and in her life.

It is possible LIVING IN HIS PRESENCE to experience true prosperity in the midst of genuine adversity. 

It is possible to have God go with us through the fires of affliction and come out on the other side much better than the way we went in. 

Blessings, Wayne Culmore, President

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