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BOD Updates: June 1, 2014

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Greetings! The BC Conference Board of Directors (BOD) met on June 1, 2014. Important decisions were prayerfully taken in order to impact God's Work in our territory. Please find below some highlights of that meeting:
1.       On that day the BC Conference also met for the annual Financial Statistical Review (FSR). The SDACC was represented by its new treasurer,Joyce Jones, who replaced John Ramsey when he retired at the end of April.
Details were given regarding the financial condition of the Conference which experienced a 2.42% tithe growth in 2013 when compared with 2012 and a small membership growth, despite the fact that the Conference lost 114 members as a result of some Churches doing an update in their membership list. In 2013 we had 254 baptisms and Profession of Faith, 16.45% less than in 2012.
Last year was not the best year in baptisms for the SDACC. Only 2 (two) out of the 7 (seven) Canadian Conferences experienced a % growth in this area. Nevertheless, we praise God for each of those souls, but we need to make an effort to reverse this situation in 2014, by God's grace.
Also, all audited financial statements were approved by the BOD along with a salary base rate increase of 1.2% effective in September 2014. We praise God for the faithfulness of His children in the BC Conference!
2.       Wayne Culmore and Ern Brake, BC Conference President and Assistant to the President for REACH BC & Yukon, respectively, presented with passion the document containing the vision statements and strategic plan of REACH BC & Yukon to the BOD.
It was officially voted by the BOD and it will be widely distributed to all BC Conference employees and institutions as we move forward to accomplish what the Lord has commissioned us to do in the BC Conference territory.
This strategic planning is a result of the Visioning Weekend at Camp Hope earlier this year and the inputs received from the various Regional Ministeriums, churches, schools, members & committees who worked & prayed together in preparing the strategic vision for the BC Conference. Exciting times ahead!
3.       Michael Wixwat, BC Conference Treasurer, reported an adjusted 3.21% gain in tithes for the first four months of 2014 when compared to the same period in 2013.
4.       Wesley Torres, BC Conference Executive Secretary, reported a small decline in baptisms and membership during the first quarter of 2014 when compared to the same period in 2013. Also, the BC Conference had a larger number of deaths and transfers-out this year than in 2013, so far.
5.       The Departmental Reports were voted as a consent agenda since the BOD had had the opportunity to view them on line before the BOD meeting. The will be made available to you, soon.
6.       The BOD nominated the 5 (five) required BC Conference delegates for a Special Review & Herald Publishing Association Constituency Meetingthat took place earlier today: Michael Wixwat, Wesley Torres, Dan Wells, Charles Aguilar and Stan Smith.
They participated in the meeting by teleconference this morning. The decisions made during the meeting were connected to the re-structuring of the Publishing Ministry in North America.
The Pacific Press Publishing Association will become a North American Division(NAD) institution responsible for the printing & publication of books & magazines, etc, in a larger scale and it will have a new constituency.
The Review and Herald Publishing Association will close down but its name will be preserved for possible & future editorial publications. We solicit your prayers for the re-structuring of the Publishing Ministry in the NADterritory and also for the people who are / will be involved & affected in this whole process.
7.       The BOD approved the 2014 Capital Budget for improvements in the Camp Hope Lodge.
8.       The BOD voted to extend an official appreciation to Michael Dunbar and Ryo Fusamae, Fountainview Academy President and Sound Engineer, respectively, for their logistical and technological support with the sound system during our 2013 Camp Meeting (CM). They will continue to provide us with the same support for the 2014 BC Conference CM.
9.       The BOD voted to continue the negotiations with the group interested in purchasing the McCallum office property and the construction of a new office facility.
10.   The BOD approved the ABC Financial Statement from January to April, 2014, showing an improvement when compared to the same period in 2013.
11.   The BOD voted to approve some changes in the Church Planting Guidelines & Application for the BC Conference.
12.   The BOD voted to ask Janet Brock to continue as the BC Conference Associate Education Superintendent until her retirement in the summer of 2015, as recommended by the K-12 Board.
13.   The BOD accepted the recommendation of the BC Conference Personnel Committee and placed calls to David Rodriguez and Joshua Jamieson.
David will be the pastor of the Salmon Arm and Silver Creek Churches with a strong support from those churches already. He has been successfully serving as an Assistant Pastor of the Aldergrove Church for nearly one year.
Joshua Jamieson will serve as an intern in the BC Conference. The place of his assignment will be determined after the conclusion of his Theological studies at Walla Walla University in December this year. Joshua is very talented in working with the youth and music is one of his gifts & strengths. We welcome our new pastors warmly!
Some Personnel Updates:
a.       Nestor Santos officially retired on June 1, 2014. He went back to the Philippines to enjoy his earned retirement close to his family members and especially this son Nestor Jr. who is not doing well health-wise in his home country. We thank Nestor and Rebecca for their 14 years of service and profitable ministry in BC. Please remember Nestor Santos Jr. in your prayers.
b.      George and Jenny Hilton accepted a call and they will be moving to California in July, 2014. We sincerely appreciate the ministry and positive contributions that this couple rendered for the Port Hardy District and our Conference. May God bless them richly in their new assignment in God's Cause.
c.       Rita Roberts has ceased her employment with Camp Hope. We will miss the delicious meals that she helped to prepare for all of us as the assistant cook. She worked at Camp Hope for nearly 5 years.
Please let us continue to pray and support each other as we work together for the expansion of God's Kingdom in this beautiful province!

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