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Living in His Presence Radiates with Son-Shine

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You have seen them. They are the most warm and gracious people. There is a glow about them. The goodness and the joy of the Lord emanate from their eyes. The love and the peace of God echo from their smile.  The presence of God is so very evident in their lives. They experience the Shekinah shine.

My mother had it! Suffering from so much pain from multiple health challenges her faith in God never wavered.  In the Nursing Home where she spent her final days visitors would sit on the side of her bed (and the nursing home staff too) where my mother would have them listen to her Bill Gaither Homecoming music videos and together they would share the love of Jesus.

Pastor Manual Silva had it! Not long before he died, suffering the most excruciating pain, he never stopped praising God. Sitting in his room one Sabbath he placed his hand on my head and blessed me, gave me the most incredible Bible study I have ever received, we sang a number of hymns and prayed for each other—all on a day when his pain was the worst. He just glowed with Son-Shine because he was filled to capacity with the love of Jesus.

Elizabeth has it! Last month Elizabeth lost her dad. He had a fatal heart attack not long after he returned home on Sabbath from church. No matter the circumstances in Elizabeth’s life she has this constant glow as she lives everyday practicing the presence of Jesus.

My wife Sylvia has it! There is this constant and consistent trusting in God in all circumstances. Nothing can shake her faith, her love, and her trust in God. For 41 years I have experienced a love that is rooted in her love for Jesus. Her children and I can honestly say that we are blessed because of her faith and constant love.

And there are many more. You know some very well. They are the people who in their unique ways and situations radiate the love and glory of God. They are conduits of the presence of God to everyone to whom they come in contact. 

I HAVE A SPECIAL REQUEST OF YOU! If you know such people that radiate God’s love would you be willing to share their story with me.  Send me a photo and a short write that I could share with others. Thanks!

Blessings, Wayne Culmore, President

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