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Anyone aged 19 years or older can and should create a Will. No one plans to die, however if you pass away without a Will your family and loved ones will be subject to confusion and anxiety at which is already a difficult time. If you have children, a Will is necessary to ensure that you name your children’s guardians. If you do not currently have a Will the BC Conference would like to assist you by providing a lawyer free-of-charge during Camp Meeting to help draft your Last Will and Testament. This is also a great opportunity for you to review your current Will, which should be done every 5 years or after a major life change.

Benefits include:

a)      Appoint your Executor
b)      Name Guardians for minor children
c)      Provide for elderly parents who depend on you for care
d)      Specific distribution of your assets to children, ministries and charities
e)      Helps avoid family conflicts by expressing clear intentions
f)       Funeral instructions

Many of us are committed to the Mission and Vision of the Church. Estate planning is a time for families to discuss legacies for causes and charities about which you are passionate. These may include but are not limited to:

Growing God’s Kingdom through Evangelism
Church & School Building/Renovation Projects
Camp Hope and Mountain View Summer Camp
Call today to book your appointment during Camp Meeting or here at the Conference Office

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