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Rock Creek, a small, picturesque BC community at the intersections of Highways 3 and 33 between Grand Forks and Osoyoos, is home to about 15 Adventists who are extremely active in reaching out to their neighbors by service.

They run frequent health programs and gather on Sabbaths in the Westbridge Community Hall and Tuesday evenings in the Rock Creek Medical Building. What a energetic, enthusiastic, positive and joy-filled group they are! Their lay leaders, Harald and Gisela Zinner, invited Dr. Sid Kettner of Creston to present a Healthful Living Program at the Kettle Wildlife Association Clubhouse on the weekend of April 19.

The club’s rifle target range, trap shooting area and frequent groups of deer grazing on the beautiful lawn-like area were seen through a long wall of windows.

Inside, a very attentive, eager and engaged audience took in the PowerPoint lectures entitled: Committing Slow Suicide (heart disease), People are Precious (family relationships), Peace and Purpose (stress), Fighting Fat and the Sour Side of Sugar (diabetes and obesity) and Stalking the Killer (cancer).

Delicious vegetarian food was served twice with a number of “wows” being heard as it was enjoyed. Insightful questions were asked at the end of each session. Healthy choices advice for specific chronic conditions and family counseling was available during the “free time” and walking periods.

What a grateful group of participants! And what wonderful interaction was observed between all the Adventist members and their community friends. A joy to behold, for sure.

The local newspaper sent their reporter to observe the meetings, pulling him away from a large community event Sabbath evening—the Lions’ Club Annual Easter Supper. He came but instead of a few posed shots, took numerous candid photos and decided to stay for the whole session, appearing extremely interested in the topic of cancer prevention—actually taking pictures of all the Power Point slides! A neat gentleman. 

May God continue to bless this active little group of vibrant believers in South Central BC.

By Dr. Sid Kettner, Complete Health Improvement Program (C.H.I.P.) Coordinator

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