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Kelowna Camp Meeting 2014

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The weekend of May 2-3 was a time of Christian fellowship and spiritual renewal when the seven area churches of Kelowna plus those throughout the Okanagan Valley gathered at Okanagan Adventist Academy for their annual Mini-Campmeeting with DAVID TRIM as featured speaker for the weekend. 

The theme of his weekend messages was, “Without Fear for the Future” which was a relevant and timely reminder of how God has lead us in our past history, how He is still leading us today, and how we can be confident that He will lead us in the future to a victorious ending!

During Sabbath School we were blessed by the Rutland Youth who presented a drama about the importance of each part of the body in relation to the other parts, a very apt illustration of how each member in the church has an important role to play, but to work alone negates their effectiveness.

To further bless us, Ern Brake from the BC Conference lead us in a spirited and informative study in God’s Word pertaining to the blessings that the Sabbath brings to us.

As usual, Canadian Union College representatives were on hand to update us on current happenings taking place on the CUC campus.  

During an afternoon program, the harmonious voices of CUC’s “Proclaim” blended together to enhance our worship experience. We thank them for touching our hearts with their quartet music!

Another group of singers, “Chosen Vessel” from the Lower Mainland, were also featured musical guests and they, too, lifted our hearts heavenward. 

Kelowna Camp Meeting

We felt doubly blessed by these two musical groups. Music truly speaks to the soul as much as any sermon!

Campmeetings are always a time for serious reflection when the Holy Spirit’s influence is keenly felt through the messages of a dedicated and Spirit-filled speaker. 

However, as important as the spiritual aspect is, campmeetings are also a time for renewal of friendships and acquaintances and the camaraderie that comes when people who love the Lord meet together. 

We can all agree that “together is a wonderful place to be” when God’s people gather to be blessed both spiritually and socially! 

By Donna Rose, Commmunication Secretary, Rutland Seventh-day Adventist Church

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