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Perhaps you have heard some rumours of renovations in the MVCC lodge lobby and beyond. Perhaps there could be some truth to those rumours. 

Perhaps you have noticed that many of our lobby windows have grown foggy and lost their insulating qualities and need replacing.

Perhaps you have noticed our front doors have seen better days. 

Perhaps you have noticed our furniture has grown tired. 

Perhaps you have noticed the amazing longevity of our orange carpets year after year after year for almost as long as you can remember.....

Perhaps you are wondering how YOU could partner and HELP Camp Hope if such innuendos were true?

I could suggest three ways to help in such an exciting rumoured situation.

1. Financially. Projects such as this need the financial support of many people. We need your support. We could use donations both large and small to complete necessary funding.

2. Skilled carpentry tradesmen and willing laborer volunteers.

3. Prayers of those who want Camp Hope to continue to be a place where you can come, enjoy the quietness and beauty of nature, and meet, find or draw closer to your creator.

Please contact Bill Gerber if you wish to jump aboard financially or as a volunteer. Don't be shy. or 604 853 5451 ext 306.

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