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Spring is here and things are hopping at the camp. A couple weeks back we had the Sparky Brothers back wiring the 0-2 Classroom. Our wonderful volunteer electricians were back at it again. Sparky Bill Catherall drove down from Prince George and Sparky Dale Jones drove down from Kelowna.

Dale's grandson, (in training) Sparky Adam from Lacombe, also joined them.

In anticipation of the 0-2 building getting insulated and semi-finished inside, the wiring was completed so there are electrical outlets and locations for heaters. 

We appreciate these three guys very much. They save Camp Hope $1000s in labor expenses each time they are here.

Dale had his 80th birthday in January and Bill has a few years under his belt as well, yet these guys can put in a day's work that would make you sit up and pay attention.

Thank you guys!
 Getting Wired

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