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Ted Andrews 1916-2014

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Pastor Ted Andrews was 97 year old. A retired minister.

His death was peaceful and when he awakens it will be to see the face of Jesus.  His gentle, caring nature, his wisdom, and his twinkling eyes will be missed by many. He was a dedicated Bible scholar, a servant of the Master and loved his Jesus. 

Pastor Ted was instrumental in the building of the Oakridge and Rutland churches. Praise the Lord we all have the assurance of being reunited when Jesus comes.

He will return
His promise He will honor
The infant church, with courage bold
Will not then flinch or cower.

He will return
Our Lord will not delay,
Beyond the time of testing and of day.

The hills will quake,
The sleeping saints awake,
Up from their dusty beds immortal they shall rise,
To greet the King Eternal in the skies.

He will return
Oh blessed date haste on
Our hearts grow weary with dismay.
Down guilder pathways of the sky
Earths monarch rides forth to reign
And earth her Sabbaths shall regain.

The stone the image smites
And empires fall
His right to rule is manifest to all.
The church thus armed and filled with Holy power
Will prove to watching worlds
"This was their finest hour." 

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