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Camp Hope is a big camp. Some days it seems to get bigger and bigger.

We have started a number of improvement projects this year but without extra help we cannot complete them, as regular maintenance demands too much time.

We cannot rely on our 70-80+ year old volunteers to continue doing the lion's share of volunteer help.

They are excellent and hard workers and we love them and all they do. But we need the shoulder of our younger generations to help carry the volunteer load.

We have purchased insulation and plywood to finish off the three children's divisions classrooms. The 80s wired them up, now we need to insulate and board them up. Our children's leaders will really appreciate this.

When these divisions are finished, we need to build lockable cupboards in each one so the camp meeting supplies can stay in them year round and not have to be carted to and from the classrooms before and after camp meeting each year.

We have started leveling parts of the camp with sand.

Over the years many areas of the grounds have grown uneven. It is hard to level campers and trailers, it is hard to mow, and it is challenging to walk on in the evenings when you cannot see your way. If your site is uneven, come and help us level it. We will supply the sand and the tools. 

The Youth Hill has a To Do list of significance that would thrill a handy handiman or handiwoman.

Gardening. Do you have a green thumb? We could use more help preparing our flower beds. 

Edging. Last year we started edging along the roadways and never got it all done.

Housekeeping? Vacuuming, laundry, window cleaning, bathroom cleaning. Hands on work can hearten the soul and Anna our housekeeper enjoys company.

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