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Camp Hope Update: On The Level - B Section

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Certain sections of the camp are not very flat. No one knows this better than the guys the mow the grass. Campers and RV-ers are also aware of this when they are setting up and trying to get their unit leveled up. We have realized this for some time, but there are too many projects higher on the priority list.

April 14 - Volunteer Barry Pfannmuller and our guy Al Heinrichs started the leveling program. Using sand that was saved from the big flood a number of years ago, they started in one of the uneven-est spots at the camp, the eastern part of B section. 

We would love to level the whole camp. If you would like to help, let us know. Many hands make heavy work lighter. Shovellers, rakers, packers. If you own a Bobcat or Skidsteer, a machine like that could make this project just hum a long. 

A big thank you to Barry for coming out and giving us a day of help, as well as coming last week and helping with the FVAA kids camp clean up.

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