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Mrs. Evelyn Kaytor turned 98 a few weeks ago. She is very special to Camp Hope. Her husband Tony was the BC Conference president back in the early 1970's. Elder Kaytor, Elder Herb Larsen Sr. and their team were the driving force behind the camp relocation to its current location. 

Mrs. Kaytor played a significant role in those early days of the camp, spending countless hours on site working in many capacities. She, along with Mrs. Francis Matiko, chose numerous items for finishing in the lodge, and they chose well as much of their original handiwork is still there!!

While Elder Kaytor passed a few years back, Mrs. Kaytor is still sharp as a tack and doing alright, though some days are up and some not quite as much. 

This amazing duo has supported Camp Hope from the beginning and a generous donation last year was received with much excitement. Thank you Mrs. Evelyn Kaytor for your many years of service and your passion and love for Camp Hope.

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