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BOD Update: April 8, 2014

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Dear BC Conference constituent members, please find below some highlights of the recent BC Conference Board of Directors (BOD) meeting:

1. The BOD used technology for this meeting! The BOD members were invited to use GoToMeeting where they could be seen on the big screen and participate "live" as the BOD prayed and made decisions. Some BOD members participated via Teleconference. Using this technology assists with the budget by saving the costs of a face-to-face meeting. There are 2 (two) more Teleconference/Web meetings planned for this year.

2. The President’s, Secretary’s and Departments’ Reports were made available to the BOD members ahead of time on the Conference website. These reports were voted as a consent agenda & will soon be available to you on our website.  

3. Michael Wixwat, BC Conference Treasurer, reported a 1.54% tithe loss for the first 2 (two) months of 2014 as compared to the same period in 2013. However, we are confident for a turn-around in the months to come. We kindly ask all church members to continue to faithfully support God's cause as "His promises never fail." (Lam. 3:22-24) 

4. The 2014 ABC Budget and the 2014 Capital Budget for the BC Conference were voted during the meeting.

5. The BOD voted to recommend to the SDACC the ordination to the Gospel Ministry of Josue Molina (Cranbrook & Creston), Stevan Mirkovich (Cornerstone) and Robert Rud (Nanaimo Pastoral District) during the 2014 BC Conference Camp Meeting. All candidates have a strong support from their respective church boards, mentors, Ministerial Regional Coordinators and the BC Conference Ministerial Director, Ern Brake. The BC Conference has a very viable mentorship program that assigns an experienced pastor to be involved in assisting/supporting our non-ordained pastors to prepare them for ordination. Please pray for our ordination candidates.

6. The BOD approved the sale of the Chetwynd Airport Property, subject to an approval by the Chetwynd Church Business Meeting.

7. The Rutland Church Mission Trip to Mexico, April 9 - May 9, 2014 was approved by the BOD. They will be working closely with a local church pastor to build and remodel several church facilities.

8. The BOD placed calls to Pastor Cameron Koronko and Robert Folkenberg III (Walla Walla 2014 graduate) to be the Senior pastor and Assistant pastor of the Rutland Church, respectively. This transition will take place after Pastor Brian Hawes' retirement in September. The BC Conference is grateful and appreciative of Pastor Hawes' ministry and leadership in the Rutland Church for over 10 years and wishes a blessed and restful retirement to Brian and his wife Karen. Well done!!!

9. The BOD placed a call to Pastor John Masigan to be the pastor of the Kamloops Pastoral District from July 01, 2014. John is a graduate from CUC (2013) and is presently serving as the Youth Pastor of the Rest Haven Church. There is a large number of youth & young adults in the District with Kamloops itself being a university/sports hub. The BOD & committees felt that John will do a great job in the District as he also blends well working with people of different ages.

10. The BOD voted to place a call to Pastor Ern Brake to serve as Assistant to the BC Conference President - REACH BC & Yukon, starting immediately. The BOD members were impressed with Pastor Brake's abilities and gifts to fulfill this role as the promoter and trainer for our pastors, church leaders & members, schools principals & teachers for this strategic plan to reach BC & Yukon for Christ with a message of Hope and Wholeness. Ern is a servant leader with creative ideas who inspires and motivates others for service. Please remember Ern Brake as he assumes his new role in the BC Conference. Congratulations, Dr. Brake, and may God use you powerfully as you work closely with Elder Culmore, other officers, church and school leaders & constituent members to advance His Kingdom in BC & Yukon! 

Yours in His Service,    

Wesley Torres

VP for Administration / Executive Secretary

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