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FVAA "Branches Out" at Camp Hope

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The staff and students of Fraser Valley Adventist Academy are on a mission to raise some $$ for their school (and budget). They chose to have a work-a-thon/walk-a-thon/clean up bee at Camp Hope. Most of the students got sponsorships and then today, April 8, were bussed out to the camp to tackle a Big Spring Clean-up. 

Over the winter, a myriad of branches come down due to wind, snow and excessive gravity, so many so that if they were laid end to end, they would encircle the earth twice and reach out to the moon and back at least once. Before the spring lawn mowing can begin, these branches need to be collected, picked up and hauled off to the...burn pile. This is no small task. This is no medium task. This is no large task. a gigan-torian task. 

On top of this, recent selective culling of a few troublesome trees caused more mess, if conceivably possible. Enter...FVAA. 

So they arrive on four busses, kids, parents, teachers and team leaders. All were given certain sections of the camp to clean up. The sticks were soon flying. With Danny C and Brent W volunteering as tractor/trailer drivers, Todd, Steven, Al and Bill also driving tractors, trucks, planes trains and automobiles, the branches, leaves and dead wood did not stand a chance. 

Much was accomplished. Many areas were cleaned up. Some very very messy areas were cleaned up, spit and polished. Some boys worked through their lunch so they could get their area finished. Hard hats off to these guys. Wow!! Excellent work and working attitude! We know this as the Abe Lincoln Effect. But the overall task was so great it could not be completed before the 1:30 necessary to get back by school day end bus departure time. About 12 older students stayed on until 4:30 or so, grinding it out relentlessly. They worked like human ants.

FVAA - Hope Clean Up

The weather was...a little frustrating...rain. But... not the total time. Showers. No showers. Showers. No Showers. Some of the kids got wet and by lunch time, it was a welcome reprieve to dine in the 7-8 Classroom.

Great work FVAA. Thank you for coming out. I hope this note inspires more people to call up your school office at 604 607 3822 and throw a few more sponsorships your way. Our whole BC SDA Constituency will benefit from the work you did today. Perhaps this will inspire even more volunteers as well. As a great humanitarian once said:"Ask not what your camp can do for you, but what you can do for your camp!"

Ladies and Gents. There are still more branches to be picked. Anyone out there interested in coming out and helping us finish the clean up? Let me know please.


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