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When you come to BC Camp Meeting, if you have been able to attend for numerous years, you always expect (or hope) to see some changes. always expect to see or experience some things that are somewhat timeless and un-changing, because if they did change, camp meeting would just not feel the same. 

One of those special some things are the "Sample Sisters" in the ABC.

Real life sisters, Ruth Jones (my mom) and Gerry Goertzen (my aunt) have been serving vege food samples since about the time the Linkett was discovered. Some of those original Linketts are resting to day in the Hot Dog Hall of Fame.

Both of these ladies are well qualified in this position both having received their MVFF (Masters in Vege Food Frying) degree at the Worthington University back in the late 70s. In fact, they did their understudy work at the old campgrounds in Hope in the 'Snack Shack' in the mid 70s. 

I can attest to that as I worked tirelessly in there as well (and I learned the secret of cooking up lots of onions just before lunch time, and watched as the delicous aroma wafted over the camp, luring the hungry throngs into a veggie burger buying frenzy). 

They do an excellent job keeping the sampling crowds happy, warming and frying the many different Cedar Lake, Worthington, Loma Linda Happy Veggie and other brands, fending and cautioning the "reachers" and the "self servers", all the while standing and maintaining proper posture, with a Brewer's yeast and Breading meal smile. 

They may reach the Million Sample Milestone this year. When you see them, give them a smile and thank them for their years of seemingly tireless service.

For those who get mixed up and wonder who is who. Gerry is left, Ruth is in the middle and nephew and grandson/ABC worker Beau is on the right.

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