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Dan Koronko's Gift To Camp Hope

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I didn't know Dan Koronko very well. He was always one of those people you would see at Camp Meeting, year after year. He was just that much older than me so that in the early years you don't really mix, because a spread of 5-10 years is a big difference.

I believe he loved Camp Hope and enjoyed coming to camp meeting each year. He seemed a quiet and gentle sort. He grew up and lived in Revelstoke for most or nearly all of his life...a good little town to grow up in from all outward appearances. Dan was a photographer and I remember at camp meeting he could often be seen with his camera, taking pictures. 

He passed away about two years ago after a fight with that ugly foe, cancer. I heard that news via the SDA-er grapevine. I was sad to hear it. 

Some time later a little box arrived at my office. I don't even recall who sent the to me....hmmm.

If you out there read this and you sent them, thank you very much. But, I had no idea what it contained therein.

So I opened it, and it turned out to be some of Dan's handiwork. He had taken some pictures of the Prayer Chapel at C.H. and made some cards to sell. I use them as thank you cards. 

When people do us a good turn at the camp, or make a donation to help in an area that needs financial attention, I pen a note and send one out.

Probably should do more than I do. They come in so handy.

They are not 'store bought', or mass produced a world away. I will bet that each one was hand made so you know each one is a little masterpiece, made with care and attention to detail, of a place he loved using a hobby he was passionate about.

I didn't get to thank Dan. One day I will. But until then, this will have to do. 

Thanks Dan. Your gift to Camp Hope is most appreciated!

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