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CASA: Volleyball Weekend 2014

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On February 21st students from all over British Columbia piled into Deer Lake School for the annual Canadian Adventist Sports Association (CASA) volleyball tournament.

Laughter hung in the air as new bonds formed. 

The high school volunteers from Deer Lake School enthusiastically welcomed the new faces and ushered them to the classrooms where they would be sleeping for the weekend.  As the different schools settled in, an enticing weekend of inspiring speakers, entertainment, and volleyball matches were about to begin.

Teams from all schools mixed into the gym and took their seats. 

The weekend was jam-packed with exciting events. There were amazing speakers!  Mr. Esmon Emmon’s niece, Taylor Jo, in the running for Miss World Canada, spoke on bullying.  

Daniel Rutto spoke on never giving up. 

The Burnaby Task Force against homelessness was also inspiring. 

We had the blessing of listening to some great entertainment like the band “Unfinished”, and a speaker from CUC. 

Everyone was very kind and the weekend felt like a giant family reunion. It was great to see all the Deer Lake students working together with the help of teachers and parents to furnish great meals and enriching programs to serve each other and their opponents.

Soon Sabbath was unfortunately nearing its end and the games were about to begin. 

The teams quickly ate dinner and headed over to Burnaby Mountain where an intense round of matches would take place between six schools: Avalon Adventist Junior Academy, Lakeview Christian School, Fraser Valley Adventist Academy, Okanogan Adventist Academy, Peace Christian school, and Deer Lake School. 

All of the students worked hard and did their best, with games lasting late into the evening Saturday, and starting up again early Sunday morning. 

Everyone displayed great sportsmanship and the spectators had fun cheering on their team. 

In the end, the hosts, Deer Lake School, placed first in all three divisions. While this victory was the cherry on top for DLS, the main prize was being able to host so many great schools that made the whole weekend prime time to share God’s love. 

By Gavina Sian, Grade 11 student, Deer Lake School

CASA Volleyball Weekend 2014

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