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Youth Rally: MUD

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Expectations were high for this year’s youth rally held March 7-8, 2014 in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia Youth, in the area, could not recall a youth rally, sponsored by the Adventist Church, in the Fraser Valley. Following are a few comments from those who attended.

 “The MUD Youth Rally was one of energy, fun, connection with people, and most importantly spiritual depth and growth. Youth rallies always spark an interest in me because there is such great expectation for an enriching time. It was a blast and easy to make friends and build on older ones. There was warmth that continued all weekend. What a great atmosphere for worshipping and drawing closer to our God who loves us even with the mess. Indeed the worship was intimate. Having Canadian University College (CUC) lead out also gave the youth the sense that Godliness is not something only for the aged, but also and importantly for the energetic, passionate, and young at heart!”  - Adam Bussey.

 “I had a blast! It felt as if it were almost the annual Youth Retreat but closer to home and having a full staff of CUC students leading” out was fantastic. The activities were a lot of fun and somehow were able to get everyone involved (a rare feat)”.  - Mark Kyslik.

Kiana Kapiniak said, “MUD was a fun-filled, bonding time to connect with other youth our age and with God. Through relating to each other in small groups, meeting new people, playing games, having fun, and getting dirty, we learned how much Jesus loves and cares about us. When some of the students from CUC shared their testimonies it showed me that even though we don’t have perfect lives, God is still always there for us and all we have to do is ask Him to help deal with the mud in our lives. It was an amazing hands-on, exciting weekend that anyone would definitely enjoy!”

Third Acosta says, he “liked their praise team and their short drama skits. I thought those were great. I had a very great time and I hope there's going to be another one soon.”

“The Youth Rally was an extraordinary outreach for our youth. Not only did we learn more about God but we also talked about personal experiences and asked questions. I personally loved the entire program. There wasn’t one moment I was bored. There was always something to do; there were lots of singing, skits, talking and socializing. What I loved most was that there were testimonies with different messages from the CUC students. We had time to talk about what we learned at the end of the Rally. I grew to know and see God in different ways. This youth rally helped me get closer to God.”  - Nathalia Herrera.

Laura Egolf said, “The presenters were genuine. It was great having CUC college students share from their hearts.”

Josh Ancheta summarized the youth rally well saying, "the theme: ‘Mud and Messy Spirituality’ really resonated with me, as well as, I’m sure, with everyone in the gym that weekend. Rough times happen to everyone, but having faith in a God who not only goes through these tough times with us, but also provides us with a way out is so empowering. It truly was a spiritually renewing experience."
 Youth Rally – MUD: Messy Spirituality

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